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Astropack offers the advantage of matching profiles online. The traditional porutham between partners is done based on Birth Stars, Papasamya, Kujadosha and Dasasandhi. This astrological report covers the minutest aspect of marriage compatibility, the good and the not-so-good characteristics of the relationship of the two individuals, the reasons why the couple's marriage is recommended or not, and even a Star Match Rating percentage. Matching can be done on all profiles, if the time, date and place of birth have been provided by the user.

To use ASTRO PACK, you need to subscribe the service for Rs 500.00

Profile Highlighter Includes

With our Profile Highlighter package, your profile will be highlighted on the search results page for 14 days whenever it matches the search criteria of the user.

To use Profile Highlighter, you need to subscribe the service for Rs 1,500.00

Prime Includes

With our Prime package, your profile will appear as top listed profile on the search results page for 14 days whenever it matches the search criteria of the user.

To use Prime, you need to subscribe the service for Rs 2,000.00

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Membership Comparison Chart

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Individual Package Details Active Plus Premium Plus Premium Free
View complete ProfileYesYesYes
View Profile PhotosYesYesYesYes
View ContactYesYesYesNo
Express InterestYesYesYesYes
Send unlimited messagesYesYesYesNo
Send SMSYesYesYesNo
Initiate ChatYesYesYesNo
Password protect Photo/VideoYesYesYesYes
View Family photo/self introduction videoYesYesYesNo
Add HoroscopeYesYesYesYes
Password protect HoroscopeYesYesYesYes
View HoroscopeYesYesYesNo
Instant SMS NotificationNoYesYesYes
Prominent display in search resultsYesYesYesNo
Featured profile in similar matchesYesYesNoNo
Send Email BlastYesYesNoNo
Initiate Right MatchesYesYesYesNo
View Facebook mutual friends and Linkedin AcquaintancesYesYesYesNo
Dedicated Active Support ExecutiveYesNoNoNo
Star MatchYesYesYesYes